Arian shipping company (Nilgun Transport Arian Shipping) has announced its readiness to launch a 20 and 40-foot container shipping service from the origin of Bandar Abbas to the port of Beirut with a shipping time of about 20 to 25 days at a reasonable rate. Is. It should be noted […]

CSP is located 12 km from Kerman city, in the vicinity of the largest copper mines in the Middle East. CSP has experienced tremendous growth and earned a worldwide reputation as a Regional industry leader since 1991. Currently, CSP consists of the following five factories: Foundry Shop,Rolling Shop,Extrusion ShopTube Shop.Coin […]

Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Company (TPICO) with 27 active companies has been present in all areas of the supply chain of drugs and pharmaceutical supplements (production of raw materials and products, distribution and trading) since 2012 and is the largest pharmaceutical holding in the country. Having the largest drug production factories […]

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